Central Avenue Breakdown (from Backstage.com)

"The severe sound imbalance between singers and band has been fixed by Josh Liebert."

Son of a Gun (from Theatermania.com)

"Sound designer Josh Liebert and music director Martin Landry (who also doubles as "Angel Mike" onstage) also deserve a round of applause for delivering perfect balance (I never strained to hear an actor) to a rock musical in such an intimate space."

Josh Liebert

Part of the Plan (from Broadwayworld.com)

"Kudos to Josh Liebert for his sound design, which manages to forego many of the problems usually associated with theatrical productions in Music City, no matter the producer or the venue."

We are the Tigers (from Theeasy.com)

"Given the smallish space, there’s unusually excellent balance between the musicians and cast, thanks to sound designer Josh Liebert (who also provides the traditional horror sound effects).

40 Weeks (from Showbusinessweekly.com)

"Still, 40 Weeks is a nicely presented package under the direction of Danton Stone, especially with sound designer Josh Liebert’s perfect choice of moody pop song sound bites."

Poe/Kerfol (from Berkshirebrightfocus.com)

"Josh Liebert, the sound designer is as much the star of this twenty-eight minute curtain-raiser as the reader. He brings to our ears and our imaginations all that Poe has indicated in his text."